Dunbar House, Residential Architecture Glasgow

Client Private

This project extends a small, 1930’s bungalow by providing an open plan living/dining space which links the property to the garden visually and physically.

The house has a significant level difference from front to back, with the rear garden sitting some 2M below the level of the house. The clients were attracted to the house because of the large garden and wished to extend the living area internally while providing a link to the garden.

The design relocates a small shower room to form a new hallway, which provides access to a large kitchen/dining area sitting at the rear, below the level of the main house. The roof of the extension is angled inwards around a central beam to provide a small, pitched roof to allow the installation of roof lights, providing light at the darkest point of the plan. A larger, angled roof maximises the light on the north facing elevation and emphasise the view of the garden, which is visible from the front door. The sides of the extension extend beyond the rear wall with an overhanging roof to form a small balcony, with the rear elevation opening up to allow complete access during the summer. The extended walls also provide privacy from the surrounding properties as well as shelter from inclement weather.

The materials are limited to larch cladding, render and glass, to provide a link to the existing house but retain a simple, modern aesthetic.

Dunbar House, Residential Architecture Glasgow