Fun Street Soft Play Centre

Client ESQA Limited

Our clients wished to reinvent the soft play centre based on providing a luxury experience that catered to both children and parents which would exceed anything currently available.

Moving away from the traditional single use space, this scheme incorporates interactive visual reality games, role playing areas,a3-storey soft play frame, a variety of fun areas for children under 12, individual party rooms and a themed restaurant and café. The accommodation occupies 2 levels, centred around the main soft play and role-playing area.

The site is one of the largest units at Silverburn, landlocked on 3 sides with a very small frontage, which proved a challenge to modify to current standards for the variety of uses provided.

The fit out included coordination of contractors and theme designers from around the world to provide the various elements. The use of digital technology also plays an integral part in the scheme, with every area linked using lighting & sound controls and scent diffusers.

Fun Street Soft Play Centre


Silverburn Shopping Centre, Glasgow