Creating Inspirational Commercial Retail Architecture Developments

In today’s changing retail and leisure environment where memorable experiences and commercial success are paramount, Ingram Architecture & Design stands as a leading force. Our expertise in retail architecture and design spans 30 years and covers a wide spectrum of project types, from master planning and construction of new retail parks, construction and fit out of complex bespoke retail units to the refurbishing and carving up of existing retail parks and units for developers and end users.

Our passion for retail architecture and our years of commercial experience allows us to create retail designs that are both aesthetically pleasing, highly efficient and commercial. We fully understand the drivers of commercial retail developments.
Ingram Architecture & Design have many years experience in designing, constructing, retail park developments creating attractive vibrant shopping experiences whilst ensuring site layouts are maximised to accommodate pedestrian and vehicle flows, car parking and deliveries within attractive sustainable environments compliant with changing planning requirements.
We offer a wide range of commercial interior design services, catering specifically to the needs of businesses. Our commercial interior designs create spaces that reflect brand identity, promote collaboration, and enhance employee engagement. We can work closely with client fit out teams to ensure successful integration into shell developments to comply with Scottish Building Regulations.
Ingram Architecture & Design can take forward the interior fit out design of a brand or work closely with a design already developed to create the detail design stage and take forward on site to completion.
Our understanding of both retail fit out and developers shell developments allows us to ensure that the developers shell design is created to appeal to tenants, maximise lettable space and to be as efficient as possible, ensuring maximum returns for developers.
Sustainability is at the core of our retail design approach. We incorporate sustainable materials, energy-efficient systems, and eco-friendly practices into our designs, creating retail developments that are both beautiful and environmentally responsible.
Our expertise in retail design allows us to cleverly develop designs for the creative re-use of existing buildings. Extending, subdividing and introducing other uses are just a few ways that existing retail developments can be transformed. The changing face of retail, leisure and living means that there are many opportunities to create interesting sustainable developments with the right approach.

Why Choose Ingram Architecture & Design for Your Retail Architecture & Design Project?

People First Approach: Our people first approach to our clients, our team, and our retail architecture designs ensures that we have a nurtured happy team dedicated to creating design excellence whilst ensuring the design journey is enjoyable for all of those who work with us. We love what we do and we like to share our enthusiasm.

Unrivalled Expertise: Our friendly team of experienced retail architects and interior designers brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every project, delivering exceptional results.

Client-Centric Approach: We listen attentively to our clients’ needs, ensuring their vision is realised in every aspect of the retail design, fostering strong relationships.

Commercial Approach: We understand the commercialities of retail architecture and design.

Innovative and Sustainable Solutions: We embrace innovation and sustainability, pushing boundaries to deliver unique and effective retail design solutions that meet the evolving needs of our clients.

Exceptional Quality: We are committed to delivering projects of the highest standard, exceeding expectations and contributing to retail architectural excellence.

Contact Ingram Architecture & Design today to embark on a journey of transforming your retail building or space. Our team of experts is ready to collaborate with you and bring your vision to life.