Conservation Architects | Preserving Heritage, Enhancing Communities

In the United Kingdom, our rich history and diverse cultural heritage are reflected in our built environment. Ingram Architecture & Design is dedicated to the retention, restoration, reuse and refurbishment of historic buildings, ensuring their legacy endures for generations to come.

We specialise in adaptive reuse architecture, transforming historic buildings into new and contemporary spaces while retaining their original charm. Our approach breathes new life into disused structures, creating sustainable and functional spaces that prolong the life of listed buildings for future generations.
Our services focus on the careful and sensitive restoration of historic buildings, preserving their unique character and integrity. We work closely with heritage bodies and local authorities to ensure our designs are sympathetic to the original architecture and context.
Ingram Architecture & Design recognises the importance of preserving our built heritage. Our close collaborations with experts in heritage architecture allow us to restore and enhance historic buildings, ensuring they continue to serve the community while respecting their historical significance.
Our team includes experienced architects who are skilled in working with Listed Buildings. We navigate the complexities of listed building consent, ensuring that any alterations or extensions are carried out in a sensitive and appropriate manner.
We are committed to urban conservation, working closely with local communities to preserve and enhance the historic fabric of our towns and cities. Our collaborative expertise in urban conservation allows us to create harmonious relationships between new and old, ensuring that historic buildings continue to play a vital role in our urban environments.

Why Choose Ingram as Conservation Architects for Your Restoration Project?

People First Approach: Our people first approach to our clients, our conservation architects, and our designs ensures that we have a nurtured happy team dedicated to creating design excellence, whilst ensuring the design journey is enjoyable for all of those who work with us. We love what we do and we like to share our enthusiasm.

Conservation Architects: We are deeply committed to preserving and enhancing our built heritage, ensuring that future generations can appreciate and enjoy our historic buildings.

Creative Experience: We are creative conservation architects and designers and have many years of experience in the successful redevelopment and adaptive re-use of existing buildings.

Collaboration with Heritage Bodies and Local Authorities: We work closely with heritage bodies, local authorities, and other relevant organisations to ensure our conservation projects are carried out in a sensitive and appropriate manner. Collaboration relationships with specialists allow us to provide you with experts such as conservationists and urban planners alongside our experienced and creative approach.

Contact Ingram Architecture & Design today to discuss how we can help you restore and enhance your historic building. Our team of experts is ready to collaborate with you and bring your vision to life.